now this

(for Georgann)

just when it seemed
that you had so earnestly filled in
the glut of potholes along your
crusty path, another crater opens up
before you

a big one
one that will require help to fix
one that cannot be repaired alone

as if to say, no—wait—
this needs tending, too
your mortal soul, that is,
the one so busy caring for others

it is your time to be cared for
fussed over
even swaddled

we know you will not like this
we know you will fight this

like the woven Chinese finger puzzle
you played with as a child—
the harder you pull
the more you are trapped

but now what is required is
both simple and difficult:
surrender and faith

you will learn that extrication
is easy
that all you have to do is let go
give up

and miracles will appear

—Jan Haag, 2009

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