The challenge of these busy lives is that there’s not nearly enough time for naps. It’s hard to stop, say, of an afternoon, and put your bod down fully horizontical, as my guy Dick likes to say. Dick is a huge fan of naps, as was his mother, who faithfully took one every afternoon. She knew well how much naps restoreth the soul, and Dick agrees.

So we were delighted, a year and a half ago, while on vacation the Big Island (of Hawaii—as opposed to other big islands where we like to go—Vancouver Island, for example), to watch the napping honu of Kona Village. Here it is:

Lazy honu finds a good shelf for an afternoon nap at the Kona Village on the Big Island of Hawaii. (Photo/Dick Schmidt)

Every afternoon the honu (turtles) of the Kona Village haul out on the beach for their naps. They have it down. They are napping pros. They are fine inspiration. And Dick and I, so inspired, made sure to adhere to the local custom, though we found a softer place to nap.

Even so far away from the Kona Village, I continue to follow their custom of the afternoon nap whenever I can. Now I can—it’s summer. Nothing like a nap on a good bed, late afternoon light falling through the blinds in slants on the comforter, a cat or two on the bed.

I think I’ll take that advice right now…

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2 Responses to Naptime

  1. Jena says:

    I love naps!!!!

  2. Team Haag says:

    If it gets cold while you nap, just throw on another cat 🙂

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