This is my annual Christmas poem, this year written to honor a new baby born Dec. 8, 2010. She’s the daughter of Christina and Mitch, Dick’s nephew and niece-in-law. (See my earlier post, “Welcome to the world, baby girl,” for more about the baby and her parents.)

Merry Christmas to all!



Not quite winter—
trees still shudder
in their crimson sweaters,
days darken earlier
as they sink toward the solstice,
and nights dip their toes in frost.

The world falls to a hush,
except for the encouraging honks
of homebound geese overhead,
a dark arrow winging toward the river.

Then a baby’s new voice rises,
the high treble fresh and clear
as morning. The elders gather
in protective formation
to welcome and hush,
cuddle and rock the hatchling,
who, although unfeathered,
blinks into strange light,
who already understands
that this, now,
is home.

Jan Haag
December 2010

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1 Response to Hatchling

  1. Annie says:

    Gorgeous! You truly have caught the magic of a new life starting.

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