(poem for a new year)

empty calendar
pages stretch
before you

endless time
in small boxes

and you
resolve again
to fill the boxes

with more wanna
than hafta
more smiles
than grumbles

shorten the
to do list
the 365
days ahead
that you can
easily overfill

because you
are not
that number
any number
of days
of breaths

because the
date of your
passing is
not marked
on a particular

because all
we need
to do now
is smile
say thank you
feel the pulse
of this new
day that
beats within


About janishaag

Writer, writing teacher, editor
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14 Responses to begin

  1. Connie Raub says:

    There are so much to think, so much to do, so many blessings, so little time, but always time to say thank you. Thank You!

  2. Dorothy Haag says:


    Love, Mom


  3. ltownsdin says:

    Perfect poem for the new year. Thank you!

  4. Louise J says:

    .just breathe…..lovely poem to start 2016!! Thanks Jan

  5. Georgann turner says:

    Damn. You are so gifted. Making a word demiglace. I wish for you a year full of more smiles and no grumbles and lots of visits up north

  6. CArol Egan says:

    Great Jan! Succinctly written!
    We enjoyed! Carol Egan

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