Answering the call


from Dream Art by Anna Horan

The ancestors have charged you,
dream traveler, to journey again
along the flowing river
into the ancient forest,
to walk the stone circle of life
curving toward the center
where you must stand tall and be opened,
where you must acquire eagle medicine
to heal what needs healing.

This will not be easy, but you knew that,
have known since you landed here,
dreaming the dreams, waking and sleeping,
that need dreaming.

One day you will leave the center
of the stone circle, retrace your steps,
calling on the ancestors to help you
walk the path, the forest looking
very different now.

Without quite knowing how,
you have answered the call,
opened your medicine bag,
helped remake the world,
gathered your tribe to share
what you have learned.

All parts of the journey
have beauty and grace.
Your roots go deep.
The spirits are with you.

Unfold into this great mystery.
Feel the wings you’ve grown, lifting. *

(* A line borrowed from Rumi, the great Sufi poet who lived in the 1200s)

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10 Responses to Answering the call

  1. cindy says:

    Beautiful. thank you Jan. Cindy

  2. casimir9 says:

    Jan, this flows so beautifully in thought and sound. Speaks to me, “walk the stone circle of life…heal what needs healing.” May I send this to my granddaughter, a dream traveler back from Standing Rock?


  3. Connie Raub says:

    Thank you Jan for reminding me of my ancestors who inspire, challenge and encourage me to soar. My dreams and wings may be different in specifics than they once were, but the spirit is just as fierce, especially when I honor those ancestors.
    I don’t know you, Carolyn, but have read some of your responses to the Gud Wrtr. How wonderful to have a granddaughter “standing tall” at Standing Rock. Grace, Peace and Healing to you all.

  4. shelleym says:

    I love this so, so much!!

  5. Melinda Annis says:

    Jan this is so beautiful and I have sent it to Carly–a newly licensed Naturopathic Doctor. It made me think it was written for her. So much of what you write brings me to tears–the words bringing memories of times that have passed but are such a part of me. I hope we can reconnect and I can tell you in person how much it means to me that my brother shared his life with you. I miss him and I miss you. Mindy

  6. Hilary A says:

    did I remember to thank you?! xo >

  7. Holly Holt says:

    Just read this today. Somehow, remembering the tapestry of living humans who have struggled and survived and created beauty and grace helps me today. Thank you.

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