Ascended masters in the back yard

e-St. Francis IMG_4718

St. Francis

On a hazy October afternoon
that smells faintly of fall and fires
raging less than a hundred miles away
I step into my back yard and take up
my small-bore hose—

because there’s still no rain,
though we’re all praying for it,
because thousands of acres
and hundreds of homes and
as of today 41 people have died
in the partially “contained”

because here in the stillness
the last of summer’s growth
and tired blooms flop like
lazy-headed children barely able
to keep their eyes open.

I hold the nozzle gently,
murmur as I water, somewhere
between talking to myself and praying,
and I cannot miss the way the peachy
light caresses the face of Quan Yin
atop her pedestal, how the purple
lantana twines around the Buddha.

Hose trailing, I move to the greenery
by the fence—there’s St. Francis
with his sweet, chipped nose
wreathed in ferns, and on the deck
beneath the begonia’s umbrella
leaf, Mary, her head bowed.

And I am grateful to be surrounded
by such ascended masters, whose
meditations and prayers guide
my own, and above the fine mist,
my lips move and my chest opens
to the suffering, my lungs taking it in
and letting it out,

one heartfelt breath at a time.

e-Bhudda IMG_4720

The Buddha

e-quan yin IMG_4724

Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion

e-small Mary

This lovely Mary belonged to Jerri Richards, the late mother of my dear friends Curtis Richards and Judy Chronister, brother and sister. I am honored to be her caretaker.

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10 Responses to Ascended masters in the back yard

  1. Hilary A says:

    You brought me into your garden and into a space in which I want to dwell.

  2. Vonnie Madigan says:

    beautiful way to start my day, Jan. Bless you.

  3. ” tired blooms flop like
    lazy-headed children barely able
    to keep their eyes open”

    That’s it. I’m coming over.

  4. buzzardnotes says:

    Love Ascended Masters. It touched me. Hugs to you!

  5. Curtis says:

    Such a perfect portrayal….”Ascended Masters”…hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, inexplicable shootings, Las Vegas and so many more untold….Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece, Janis!

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