So after I posted a new poem today, I got this from my ace supporter/partner/arbiter of taste:

Not Güd

I did a little quick online research, and apparently WordPress has attached ads to some website/blog posts since 2006. But Dick (aka, arbiter of taste) thinks they’ve only appeared recently on mine. I didn’t realize this when I went to teach my mass media class today and decided to throw my blog up on the big screen to encourage my students to start their own (since only a few had them), and…

Whammo! Ugly ads at the end of the post, like the ones above. Another with disturbing drawings of sagging bellies advertising some kind of weight loss product. (This was only happening if a reader opened the actual blog post, not when the post was viewed from an email.)

“Yipe!” I said, startling a couple of students in the front row. “Ads!”

“You don’t see ads online much?” one of them teased.

“Not on my blog, no,” I said. “That’s gotta stop.”

After class, I went back to my office, opened my email and found the image above from Dick. I sighed. Wrote back. Said I thought if I paid WordPress a fee, the ads would disappear, and I would check into that. I got this message in return:

I will pay their fee.
I will sponsor you.
Your Güd writing should not be cheapened with ads.
—Your Boyfriend

And this is just one reason this man—despite being in pain for more than a month, now healing nicely and driving himself around again—is my major champion. I write a tender poem about my late husband, post it, and this is how he responds—with great lovingkindness.

So, without hesitation, I checked it out on WordPress, learned that I could have ads that made money for me, still didn’t want them, and ponied up a fee, which was not unreasonable, for two whole ad-free years. Later, as I sat in his living room, I asked Dick to check out my blog/website on his computer in his home office.

“Clear!” he hollered back at me.

So my apologies if you’ve had to look at these dumb ads on my posts for a while now. We have Dick Schmidt to thank for pointing out the ugly ads, which are now gone, and for making me look, as he so often does, Güd.

Thank you, Dickie.

Dickie dean redo

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3 Responses to Ad-free

  1. hilary says:

    Our hero!

  2. Cora says:

    I hadn’t seen them and hope they’re not on mine. Love that man! He’s our hero!

  3. Laura says:

    Your love for one another warms my heart! Love the pic of Dick with his bday lei. 💗

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