To beard or not to beard…

RDS walk

Update on Dick Schmidt from his care team in Hawaii:

Saturday he walked outside, on an actual sidewalk, for a respectable distance. Super Bowl Sunday he was rocking a sugar-free Pepsi and having some chips. (Good sign that his appetite is improving! I understand that there’s also been consumption of much healthier stuff, too.)

Note the beard growth. He’s trying to decide if he should keep it or shave it. Pro for keeping it: It’s easier, especially for now. Con: It makes him look, he says, like Foster Brooks.

RDS Super Bowl

In the meantime, daily walks will continue. Today, he walked the distance of four mailboxes up the street. “But I had to walk back, too, so eight mailboxes!” he told me happily.

Tomorrow, more mailboxes and every day more as the bearded one (for now) continues to heal and regain his strength.

Go, Dickie!

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4 Responses to To beard or not to beard…

  1. Jo Shuman says:

    Looking forward to seeing you when you arrive home. Glad & thankful to hear you’re doing so well! ❤️ Jo & Skip

  2. Dick Tracy says:

    Actually, he’s looking more like ME! Tell him there’s some danger of being mobbed by women…maybe he should enroll in a Tai Chi class? Tracy

  3. Hilary A says:

    Keep it if it’s easiest (of course!). You are handsome no matter what! xo

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