Cora and Connie

Cora Connie RDS

Cora, Dick and Connie

There cannot be enough mahalo in the world to properly thank these two women for caring for Dick for 16 days, bringing their warmth, good care and good food in a chilly house in the clouds in Pearl City, Hawaii.

Their love and warmth and long friendships with Dick have made all the difference in his recovery, and we wish Connie Raub safe travels as she wings her way home today to Colorado Springs. We hope for clearing weather over the summit so Cora Johnson can return home to Minden, Nevada, soon, but we are selfishly glad to have a bit more time with her in Sacramento, too.

It has taken a village, in every sense of that phrase, and we are grateful to all of you who have read and supported Dick’s journey from afar. We love you all.

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8 Responses to Cora and Connie

  1. Patricia Honeycutt says:

    Thankful you all made it back. Dick looks amazing in this photo! God Speed Uncle D. We love you ♥️ Welcome home.

  2. Dick Tracy says:

    Splendid. Now we can return to “normal”? Does Hawaii still suck?? Dick

  3. Constance E Raub says:

    Mahalo, Jan, for this sweet and kind sentiment. It was indeed an honor to do what I could. I am humbled, renewed and inspired by the human spirit and capacity to pour out love and encouragement as witnessed by “the village”. Karma is active. Love, ~Connie

  4. Rita says:

    so great to have such good, committed friends! congratulations to all of you for a job well done!

  5. Cora says:

    It was our pleasure to be part of this miraculous story. Connie and I loved our time being together and also being ohana. We’re proud to help.🤗

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