Walk a mile in his shoes… or two


Every day since returning from our recent Hawaiian adventure, Dick and I set out on foot across Woodside, the former walnut orchard-turned-condo-complex where he has lived since the 1970s. Long ago he developed a roughly two-mile walking path through his neighborhood, which still has the feel of a lovely park, complete with duck pond and old walnut trees mixed in with many varieties of newer ones.

Every spring the man whose niece and nephew dubbed Uncle Duck many years ago goes walking to look at the mallards that land on the duck pond, some of whom lay eggs there. It’s always a treat to find the baby ducks waddling behind their mamas, bobbing like little yellow fluff balls on the pond.

J6528 rds duck pond renovationCR

Uncle Duck with empty duck pond: “Where have all my buddies gone?”

Right now the pond is pau, as they say in Hawaii—kaput, done—though it’s really resting  as so many things do in winter. There is clearly extensive repair work being done on the duck pond, but that didn’t stop Uncle Duck from taking a moment to pose in it on a special day.

Today is the month-a-versary of Dick’s bypass surgery: His reborn heart is a month old. And with that recharged heart, he walked a slow but steady 1.9 miles throughout Woodside today.

We continue to be grateful (and write thank you notes) to the many people on Oahu who were so kind to us during our extended stay there. We wouldn’t be here, walking around smiling at the most ordinary things, without them.

Here’s to many more miles logged around his ‘hood as our Duck continues to grow stronger!

J6527 rds tulip tree blossomsCR


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8 Responses to Walk a mile in his shoes… or two

  1. Hilary A says:

    I swear, Uncle Dickie Duck, you look 10 years younger–at least! Love!

  2. Mrs. Thompson says:

    No roses to stop and smell? Well, then, stopping and peeking between magnolia blooms will do! Love the almost mischievous look in those eyes – Sis

  3. Constance E Raub says:

    It makes me rejoice and want to quack and be glad for your healing endeavors! Good for you, but sad that your friends will not be making landfall near you this year! Now you will have to represent the entire flock. It’s a great responsibility, but you are up for it! It’s good to be King! Love that you are surveying the pond. Love, Constance

  4. Janet Johnston says:

    Yay! And he’s looking great! So happy for you both.

  5. Rita says:

    glad he is taking care of himself by walking. And you by experiencing extreme gratitude. Blessings from above!!

  6. Kara Petris says:

    Hey Jan! Love love love the pictures! Thanks for reminding me-I’m going to call “Uncle Duck” for a walk just as soon as the flood waters recede. 😊
    Love and warmth to you both!

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