Spring springing


Blossoms everywhere all of a sudden, even as the on-again, off-again rains continue in our neck of the woods. And hearts leap out at us, too, on our daily walks around Woodside as Dick’s keeps on tickin’, stronger than it’s been in years.

heart blossom

We continue to walk around in wonder, hoping that this sense of awe lasts a while, looking at the world through eyes refreshed by the “almost”s. We are aware of the difficulties that so many around us are facing, and I do a lovingkindness meditation each morning, thinking of those people who are suffering, who are struggling. Dick has always been good about keeping a positive outlook, and watching him walk each day, gaining strength and confidence, does my old heart good, too.

On Wednesday he did three walks, driving himself (!) to Costco, hiking the parking lot to the store, and then moving through it to get what he needed (toilet paper for us, among other things… lots of TP!). Then he walked from his condo to the bank on the corner, and THEN he walked Woodside with me late in the day. He’s not a mileage kinda guy, so he has no idea how much territory he covered, but I’m pretty sure it was well over 2.5 miles all together.

Thank you all for your continued love and support, which we feel coming to us through the ether. May we all continue to hold each other in a tender, kind place as we walk in the world, as spring (or fall, depending on your hemisphere) arrives.

rds blossoms

Dickie and the early spring blossoms

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4 Responses to Spring springing

  1. buzzardnotes says:

    Spring reminds us of our many blessings. Dick’s began last February when he was revived in the airport. Life is good!

  2. Constance E Raub says:

    Thank you for the pictures of beautiful blossoms full of sweet fragrance and life as well as your reminder to live in awe even in the reality of suffering. I hope I will always appreciate and see the blessings in my life – big and small. I’m anxiously awaiting Spring here – lots of bare trees still, but there are signs! Keep up the walking and the discovering. Love to you both!

  3. Kathryn Hohlwein says:

    Just so very lovely, Jan. Good for you, Dick ! and all those blossoms, too !

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