Stopped II

RDS LifeIsGood shirt from SueBear

Dick in one of the lovely Life Is Good shirts sent by our friend Sue-bear Butler.

I’m pleased that this poem I wrote about Dick has found a home in an online literary journal I’ve long admired—but you have to be 60 or older to submit. I am, and I did. And they accepted it!

Click here and scroll down to see my piece “Stopped” in the special “Life-Changing Moments” section of Persimmon Tree.


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7 Responses to Stopped II

  1. Dick Tracy says:

    Huzzah!! DT

  2. Michael Williamson says:

    So wonderful. so wonderful .

  3. Carol Burnett says:

    So cool. Glad Dick is doing so well.



  4. smydans says:

    That is so beautiful

  5. Connie Raub says:

    Congratulations on more publications. The words, of course – wonderful! The story behind the words – miraculous! The “grateful dude” – priceless!

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