Free & clear


Us at Sea-Tac, en route to Victoria, B.C.

This time I go first,
hand my boarding pass
to the young man at the gate,
who scans it—beep!—
& says, “Have a good flight.”

I turn to watch you—
in photo vest identical
to the one cut off you
nearly five months ago
when you collapsed
at another airport gate.
You step forward,
extend your arm,
pass in hand.

You stand tall, do not pitch forward
like a domino as you did then,
do not make an early departure.

“Have a nice flight,”
you hear the young man say.

“Thank you,”
you are able to say.

And I feel my heart literally skip
a beat—this time with relief—
as, free & clear, we make
our way down the jetway,
as we have dozens of times

our hearts leaping in the most
blessedly ordinary manner,
aware again of grace bestowed,
as something essential
envelops us—something
that feels acutely
like joy.

About janishaag

Writer, writing coach, editor
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9 Responses to Free & clear

  1. Connie Raub says:

    Glad your flight was uneventful! I’m sure the act of boarding an air plane has forever changed your perspective! How lovely to be able to simply say “Thank you”. Love, ~Connie

  2. Bonnie Flint says:

    All I can say is that I’ve enjoyed reading about that harrowing experience – more because you are now free and clear! YEA! Keep on truckin’! May all of your travels be far less scary!

  3. Dick Tracy says:

    Bon voyage! Tracy

  4. Kara Petris says:

    Safe transit and joyful traveling! Love to you both!

  5. Kathryn Hohlwein says:

    Hi,Jan. with all your excellent travel I am a little uncertain as to wheether we are still meeting at my house this coming Sunday ? j I leave for Oxford the following Sunday, July 28th.

    Good going, you two!!

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