Poet friend

e-Marie dogs beach

Marie with Finley and Luna (photo by Rose Varesio)

Thinking of my dear poet friend Marie Reynolds on the first anniversary of her passing, grateful for so much about her… among other things, that she was able to hold her book of poetry, “Seaworthy,” close to her before she died, so happy with that great achievement. It is a fine collection, and I am honored to have published her elegant, wise poems with the help of some of her local poet friends.

She was my best poetry buddy, editor, gentle critiquer, and her suggestions were always spot on. I miss her for that and for her devotion as a friend. But in the wake of her passing, Marie left us many gifts, not least some of her friends who’ve become closer, people with whom we can remember and celebrate her.

I am so pleased to call Rose Varesio, Annie Andrighetto, Susan Flynn, Julie Brower and others my new friends. I’m also grateful to her family for their love and care at the end of Marie’s life. Thanks, Marie, for your bountiful gifts to so many.

light year

(for Rose and Marie)

how long is a light year?
you asked

i looked it up:
a unit of length equal
to the distance traveled by light
in one earth year,
about 6 trillion miles
or 9 trillion kilometers

a trillion has 12 zeroes
after a number,
which feels like a very
dark year

like this one,
missing her

because the second
definition of a light year is:
very far, in distance or time

which is how she feels
to us much of the time, like
the milky way stretching
over 200,000 light years

except for moments
like now, when we talk
about her, and she’s
right here, in our spiral spur
of milky river across the sky

in that pinpoint of light
in the corner of the room

just there
and there
and there

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11 Responses to Poet friend

  1. Janet Johnston says:

    Beautiful poem, Jan. I sure miss Marie and our poetry evenings. I was thinking about her yesterday but didn’t realize the anniversary. That was quite the feat you pulled off. But then, you do that sort of thing.

  2. rosevaresio says:

    Thank you Jan, for your devotion, love, and support. You are a true gem.
    Who knew a light year was so dark… at least this one.
    Touching poem. ❤️ Rose

  3. Carol A. Savoie says:

    A lovely photo I too miss my poetry buddy and friend very much Carol

    Carol “Love protects us from nothing even as it unexplainably sustains us in all things.”

  4. Carolburnett says:

    I’m sorry about the loss of your poet friend. A wonderful tribute poem.


  5. Connie Raub says:

    Oh Jan! I didn’t even know Marie, or any of your other poet friends. I’m not even a poet, or a worker of words, like all of you, but I think I know one or two things about life, even just from living it, so thank you for your being “there, and there and there”! Love, ~Connie

  6. Janet Johnston says:

    Thank you for bringing her close again. So many memories of sharing poems and receiving her generous feedback, as well as yours and all those who gathered. Such riches.

    • janishaag says:

      I’m delighted that you found this, Jan. Marie was such a treasure to us, wasn’t she? I’m so glad that we got to sit in her living room and talk writing with her. She’s with us still… I have no doubt!

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