fear not

Never have we needed
to hear it more

as Mary, terrified, must have
received the angel’s tidings.

Or the same words delivered
to others whose faith was slipping

or perhaps had vanished entirely—
how did it sound to them?

In these days of trial and peril
let us embrace the message,

which, when absorbed
with our deepest breaths,

heartens and reassures,
counsels trust, even as we

weather the most frightful
storms, reminds us that we

are the sky through which the clot
of weather-beaten cloud passes,

where the eternal sun shines,
where abiding peace prevails.

Jan Haag
December 2020

Photo / Michael S. Williamson

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Writer, writing coach, editor
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6 Responses to fear not

  1. Connie Raub says:


  2. bluesmanwithacamera says:

    Wonderful, Jan!

  3. Donna Just says:


  4. Dick Tracy says:


  5. Linda J Miller says:

    So comforting. Thank you, Jan.

  6. Jo Shuman says:

    Beautiful, Jan!

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