Optimal manifestations

You may feel optimistic today as you think about all the possibilities awaiting you. Your upbeat mood could inspire you to manifest the life you desire. It may be helpful for you to visualize your life as you would like it to be. Try imagining your life as a road stretching into the future.

—Aug. 29, 2021, Leo horoscope, two days before the deadline for the U.S. to leave Afghanistan

Walking the road
toward my future, thinking
of those trying to do
the same in a far-away desert,
hoping to reach the airport,
somehow talk their way
onto a plane to anywhere
but where they are.

My road stretches long,
I hope. It runs fluidly
alongside manicured lawns,
past large trees preparing
to loosen their leaves
to fall.

For the many refugees
trudging dusty roads,
standing in canals, trying
to gain the attention of
soldiers who might help,
their futures lie in the next
barren moment, or, with luck,
perhaps the one after that.
No grass. No trees.

If they’re turned away,
if they cannot leave—no
matter how much they
visualize a new life or
how bright their beacon
of positivity—they fear
the worst.

How I wish them green grass,
leafy canopies of comforting
shade under which to rest.
How I wish them a stranger’s
fortuitous helping hand.

Kalaupapa, Moloka’i

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2 Responses to Optimal manifestations

  1. Peggy Price says:

    And still these wars go on, wrenching into us in the symbolic heart of our freedom. I am so tired of military might and it’s trillion dollar games of international monopoly. Perhaps it’s time to investigate the Quaker faith.

  2. buzzardnotes says:

    So poignant. Thank you, Jan.

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