That day
you melted,
the collapse
of a self,
your remains
burned down
to a heap
of humanity
on an airport


I witnessed
your death and
at the literal
hands of
who worked
to pour your
melted self—
one that had
taken flight—
back into
another form.

You arose
that day,
blue eyes
ragged and
lifted onto
a gurney by
so many sets of
kind hands,
the beginning
of being
made anew,

and we
learned that
is not pretty.

But in the act
of revival,
we become
ones who can
bear light,
candles whose
cannot be


our hearts
by grace
and everyday,
human love
into something
we never
we might be.

(for Dick, honor of his third rebirth-a-versary, Jan. 15, 2022)

Candle, The Ahwahnee / photo by Dick Schmidt

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8 Responses to Candle

  1. Kathleen says:

    Love this!!!

  2. Connie Raub says:

    Beautiful and true! Thank you for this, Jan, and for a tribute to Dick and the power of the human spirit and goodness of people in this world. I picture of the candle is stunning. Love, ~Connie

  3. Donna Just says:

    Marvelous!! Life is a blessing!

  4. Carol Burnett says:

    Wow. Very nice.


  5. Dorothy says:

    Beautiful, Jan. I love the form, the short lines.

  6. Tracy says:

    This touches the soul!

  7. buzzardnotes says:

    Lovely and so well said. You are truly a wordsmith. Thank you for this tribute to Dick and all who helped save him.

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