Today I brought my mother the lake

Today I brought my mother the lake
she gave me when I was eight—

she and my father moving us north
from all we knew to start over

in water that was new to us all.
Skipping down the path across

the road on the hottest summer days,
lake-bound, flip-flopped, pony-tailed,

my sister and I ready to plunge in or,
after Dad got home, taking the boat out

to ski into a rosy sky, coming in before
it got dark. Today I walked the path alone,

mindful of the wall of poison oak on either side,
trefoil green like our Girl Scout uniforms,

surveying the nearly full lake, a fledgling
generation of boaters and families

hugging its shores. And on the way back
picking up a fresh quill left by a passing

goose and a chunk of quartz that glinted up
at my mother when I returned to the house

where she raised me, watching her smile
as I put the rock into her open palm, hearing

her exclaim, “So sparkly!”

Mom and her girls—Jan on the left, Donna on the right—after the annual patio garden cleanup.

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4 Responses to Today I brought my mother the lake

  1. Terry Stone says:

    I remember your mother and sister. 1973 was the last time I saw them. You all look beautiful! Wonderful photos and good memories from my teens!

  2. Donna Just says:

    Great memories big thither!!❤️

  3. Dick Tracy says:

    Straight from the heart. I love it. AND today’s rainfall! we had a fire in the fireplace (in JUNE?) to take the chill off. A SCORCHER forecast for the weekend. Go figure. Dick

  4. Jo Shuman says:

    Very nice picture of your Mom, you & your sister! Definitely a keeper!

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