Nov. 1

Gonna try to write (and post) a poem a day in November… drafty drafts, but the practice of writing them is good for the writer’s soul… or mine anyway.

With thanks to superb scenic photographer Joe Chan, whose images convey the just-right mood.


Yesterday we dressed up as someone else
for Halloween. Today we come back into ourselves

embodied as we summon our beloved
companion spirits, and though it’s predicted

to rain for the first time in months, we’re tempted
to find a cemetery, bring tequila infused with marigolds,

tamales and pan de muertos to the graves of those
we didn’t know in life, wish them well in the after,

imagine them as graceful sprites dancing in the drops
just beginning to fall, like the leaves, fluttering

and spinning their way down, whispering hush,
listen, remember.

(Big leaf maples/Joe Chan Photos)

About janishaag

Writer, writing coach, editor
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3 Responses to Nov. 1

  1. buzzardnotes says:

    Marvelous! Thank you.

  2. shaunasmith says:

    Beautiful poem, Jan. Inspiring! Warmly,Shauna Shauna L. Smith, MSW, LMFT3101- I Street Suite #104Sacramento, CA 95816

  3. Cindy Domasky says:

    Always, always love to see your posts. thanks Jan. Looking forward to your daily November posts.

    Love to you, Cindy ________________________________

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