Nov. 24: Gratefully, joyfully, abundantly

thankful I am—moreso every year
I live on the planet—that I can rise

on a pearly day of gratitude to walk
with thousands, whose every step

benefits those who hunger, from
those of us who generally do not,

who will turn to tables laden with
every manner of food and feed,

if we are lucky, with loved ones,
thinking of the ones we love not present,

joyfully grateful for them, too
and all the abundance that graces us

as we remember to not simply walk
by those in need, but to reach out

a hand, extend a little genuine kindness,
every chance we get.

Photo / Jan Haag

About janishaag

Writer, writing coach, editor
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4 Responses to Nov. 24: Gratefully, joyfully, abundantly

  1. Donna Just says:

    Ever thankful for you Big Sis!😘

  2. Bonnie Flint says:

    Wonderful, Jan!

  3. Kathleen Goemann says:


  4. Janet Johnston says:

    Love the way that gratitude flows! Thank you, Jan!

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