Nov. 29: Earthrise as seen from Orion Spacecraft

Oh, there should be a waltz playing
behind this slow reveal—the Blue Danube

or a delicate Chopin piano tune—as
the moonshadow lowers at an oblique angle,

exposing the tiny blue dot seemingly
alone in the inkiness of space:

our home planet beamed back to us
like a dazzling smile, the place that holds

everyone we have ever known, ever loved,
which is why a gentle, lilting song might

remind us that all this fussing and fighting,
my friends, makes no sense. Here’s this

manmade creation sent into space for
a close moon flyby, looking over its shoulder

like a kid finding his balance on a two-wheeler,
pedaling off on a big explore. Its electronic

eye focuses backward on the third planet
from the sun silently emerging into its

star’s dazzle as if to say, Look: Home.
The only one you will ever know.

It’s not too late. Cherish it, and, while
you’re at it, each other.

Artemis/Orion selfie (Photo / NASA)

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1 Response to Nov. 29: Earthrise as seen from Orion Spacecraft

  1. Dick Tracy says:

    And it might say, “Oh, look..there’s Dick Tracy at his computer again. He needs a haircut!”

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