Dec. 3: Acorns

for GAT

They arrived on the doorstep today,
and I thank you aloud—because
who other than Santa, maybe,
would think to send me a pair
of what became my favorite slippers

practically the moment you insisted
I try on what became my first cozy pair
at the island hay and feed store—which
sold so much more than hay and feed—
because, you said, they’ll keep your
feet extra warm, and who can’t use
extra warmth?

Especially as the days shorten
and colden, you’d say.

I want to tell you that they’re
perfect in size and color, and yes,
the toes stay toasty in the Acorns,
and I hope this thank you note will
reach you in your latest incarnation
because you didn’t leave a forwarding
address—as if sunflowers get mail,
as if rainbows require anything
more than simple, unqualified

(Photo / Jan Haag)

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4 Responses to Dec. 3: Acorns

  1. Sue Daly says:

    Love this, the word .? colden ?? the delightful tiny story the landing a sweet surprise!




  2. Dick Tracy says:

    You still believe in Santa? Keep it up!

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