Dec. 12: Violet

Oh, little teapots
(yes, short and stout)
I broke one’s handle
and the other’s spout

and put a hole in the
white one’s round bottom—
two teapots in two days,
kaput, thanks to my
clumsy fingers.

And the search began
(online, of course) for
the largest teapot that
I could lift when full
since I make a lot of tea
every day.

The first one arrived,
a taller, more modern
design, and I realized
it wasn’t big enough.
I looked at glass versions
with cylindrical baskets
for loose tea, and knew
the chance for breakage
was even higher.

And then I electronically
stumbled into a classic,
fat-bottomed 60-ouncer
made in England,
deep purple with white
polka dots. And today
I pulled her out of her box,
offered her my American
Cheerio! as I carried
Violet’s empty heft
two-handed to the kitchen,
set her carefully on the counter,
trying to decide which tea
to brew first.

Though a hearty English
Breakfast might make her
feel more at home in this
strange new land, I think
it will be Orchid Vanilla,
perfect for sharing on
a cold day, and you are
most welcome to join me
in a cuppa any time.

Diego and the broken teapots (Photos / Jan Haag)

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2 Responses to Dec. 12: Violet

  1. Margery Thompson says:

    Jan, need a teapot? Come and browse my “store” anytime!

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