My little sister’s gonna be a grandma

for the first time—woo hoo!
and though no one in the family
wanted to ask, we were quietly

what it might be like to have
a baby in the family again since
the last baby is now 32 and
a middle school band teacher
with a very sweet wife,

and the first baby is now 35,
my niece who’s gonna
have the first baby
of our next generation—
perhaps the only baby
of our next generation—
with her sweet husband,

and when she texted (as
the kids do) to request
a phone call with Aunt Jan,
I had no idea what she
wanted to chat about,

this baby born on my
29th birthday, so she
surprised the bejesus
out of me when she said,
You’re gonna be a great aunt!

and I said (using an old line
between us), I’m already
a great aunt, and she
laughed and said, yes,
you are, but you’re gonna be

a Great Aunt, and then there
was talk about how far along
and due dates and names
she’s long loved and general
excitement—woo hoo!

and all that adds up to
the fact that my little sister’s
gonna be a grandma,
and her husband’s gonna
be a grandpa, and I swear
it was just last week they
were getting married, and
a few years later announcing
their first baby-to-be,

the one who called
with the good, good news—
woo-hoo!—a new tiny
mammal will join our
little family in June!

Sisters Janis Linn and Donna Gail (Photo / Dick Schmidt)

Lauren Just Giel and Gerald Giel, parents to be (Photo / Lauren Just)

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12 Responses to My little sister’s gonna be a grandma

  1. Cindy Domasky says:

    I vote you continue into January! Start the new year out with another month – or take a break and come back. Your posts are so wonderful Jan. I look forward to them.

    Thanks for being you. Cindy ________________________________

  2. janet johnston says:

    Congratulations to you and your family! And thanks for sharing this delightful poem. Woo hoo!

  3. Connie Raub says:

    Congratulations Jan! You ARE a GREAT AUNT and will have a gleeful time with a little one. Good planning for June. June birthdays are the perfect spot for celebrating 6 months out from Christmas! Enjoy Palm Springs. (You KNOW I care when I read your post AND reply on Heebie Jeebie Day!) Love ~Connie

    • janishaag says:

      Thanks, Connie, for taking this time on your heebie jeebie day to comment. You—grandmother and greatgrandmother to so many—know well the excitement of babies! Hope your Christmas visit was grand, too!

  4. dorothyhaag says:

    “our our” Love, Mom


  5. Donna Just says:

    This Gramma-to-be is thrilled!

  6. Cora Johnson says:

    What a lovely Christmas present!

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