Jan. 3: Your mother is beautiful,

people have often told me,
but she, like so many of us,
does not see this, even after

I point out that we have limited
vision when it comes to our
faces, only able to see in 2-D

what the mirror shows us.
But she sees 91 years of life
etched into her face, her neck,

and I say, But Ma, we’re not
supposed to have the faces
we had when we were 35

we’re not the same people.
We grow into faces that reflect
the souls we are now—earning

every crease, wrinkle and sag.
We are lovely as fine leather
softening into itself, cheese

and wine becoming more
flavorful, mellowing friendships,
trees growing into venerable elders.

We can’t see ourselves
the way others do—in 3D,
lifetimes of energy radiating

like sunbeams, like crowns,
from our heads, glowing,
you beautiful woman—

you who made me and
my sister, also beautiful,
forever lovely, yes, we are,

and getting sweeter with
every year.

Darlene Haag (far left) and the Capital Malls quartet, 1970s.
Dar Haag (far right) singing with a quartet from the Sacramento Valley Chorus, 2021.
Darlene Haag (left) with her late, great best friend, Carolyn Davey, 1970s.

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8 Responses to Jan. 3: Your mother is beautiful,

  1. Donna (Haag) Just says:

    That’s our Mom! Forever beautiful!!

  2. Dick Tracy says:

    Mommies are good for what ails you! Dick

  3. Jackie Dow says:

    Great photos! Dar was beautiful then, and more beautiful today!

  4. shaunasmith says:

    Awwww! Love this po

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