take it apart
find Be wild
in the big word
then Be wild

however that
shows up for you

put something
on the page—
a blob of color
or words that
could become
but don’t have to

or let a sound
escape into the air,
a tune from
your own lips,
one of your
own invention

Be wild

allow yourself
to marvel,
maybe with
a bit of

at what you
have made—
no wrongdoing
or rightdoing

like the velvet
gray doves
matching today’s
nomadic clouds
you can’t see
just because
they can

(Thanks to Jill Badonsky, marvelous artist, for the inspiration. You can find her here.)

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2 Responses to bewilderment

  1. Dick Tracy says:

    One hour’s sleep last night mulling over life’s twists and turns. A meandering path. I’m in bathrobe and slippers today. Gonna try Nyquil tonight.

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