How to tie your shoes

for Dawn Orosco, kindergarten teacher extraordinaire

I don’ wanna.
—You have to, Janis. You can’t go to kindergarten without knowing how to tie your shoes.
I don’ wanna.
—Look, it’s not that hard. See? You just make a little loop.
—Well, more of a loop. Like this. See?
(Lots more fumbling).
—No, like this. Here I’ll help.
I can do it.
—OK. Show me.
—Here. Let me help.
Thank you, Mommy.
—You have to learn to do this by yourself, Janis. Your teacher told the parents that she can’t be tying kids’ shoes all day.
I can read!
—Yes, you can, and that’s a wonderful thing. But you have to be able to tie your shoes, too. Keep practicing.
I can write my name!
—And that’s also a wonderful thing, but…
I don’ wanna go to kindergarten.
(Little sister) Mommy! I can tie my shoes.
—OK, Donna, but I’m working with Janis right now.
(Little sister sits down next to big sister, unties, then reties shoes. She is not quite 3.)
See? It’s easy!
I know, Mommy. I’ll go to school with Janis, and I can tie her shoes for her.
Yeah, Mommy. Donna can come with me. I can read, and she can tie shoes.
C’mon, Donna, I’ll read you “The Cat in the Hat” again.
And “Red Fish, Blue Fish,” too?
Yay! Bye, Mommy!

Janis and Donna Haag, circa 1964

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1 Response to How to tie your shoes

  1. Janet Johnston says:

    Oh my gosh, so adorable! Thanks for the moment, Jan!

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