We all want to belong
to someone, something,

and the deft eyewink of
the apostrophe affirms

the girl’s notebook
the girls’ soccer team
the boy’s piano
the boys’ campout

the art of belonging to one
or more than one.

But it’s more than that:
A bit of magic lies in
morphing two words
into one,

forming a contraction
that twines letters
into a new form,
bringing them closer,
like birds on a wire,
giving them a kind
of belonging they’d
never have had

Without that bit of

I’d not be me;
you’d not be you,
we who’ve loved
each other into

2/13/23, for Dick Schmidt’s 80th birthday

Not old goat, as he likes to joke… this guy’s the GOAT! / Photo by Jan Haag

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4 Responses to Apostrophe

  1. Dick Tracy says:

    I recognize the old goat!

  2. And best wishes for a happy Birthday to the GOAT!!!!

  3. Kathleen Goemann says:

    And best wishes to the GOAT!!!!

  4. dorothyhaag says:

    OK, I forget.



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