Acts of kindness

C’mon, you can do it.
Put a little love in your heart.
Spread it around on this day
that celebrates the simple
act of being kind to others.

Let’s make the world
a little brighter, a little better
with a gentle gesture, a smile,
a friendly word or two,
an act of generosity.

Set your softheart loose
on the world today—
its tongue flopping as it runs
toward a stranger with
an affectionate greeting.

Go for bounteous, exude
compassionate goodness;
extend your great benevolence
of spirit, and see, just see,
if it doesn’t come bouncing

back to you because, not only
is kindness always possible,
as the Dalai Lama says, but it
also stretches from you to
this one and then to that one.

So go on—paint the planet
with big-heartedness, then
tell me about it so I can send
some of your glorious goodness
right back to you.

(Feb. 17 is National Acts of Kindness Day!)

About janishaag

Writer, writing coach, editor
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4 Responses to Acts of kindness

  1. Connie Raub says:

    It’s true! I whole heartedly endorse National Acts of Kindness Day Random or Planned. Not just today, but EVERYDAY! I would tell you what I’m doing, but then I would have less time to DO! I’m smiling at you now ~ does that count? Love, ~Connie

    • janishaag says:

      That SO counts! Thanks, Connie, you the Queen of Kindness, always doing so much for so many. Here’s to you and your generous heart! Hugs and love and thanks always for your many kindnesses to Richard and me!

  2. Mary Ann Carrasco says:

    It is like ripples in a pond extending to others and returning in unexpected ways. Very nice!

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