International Women’s Day

To the girls we were,
the women we’ve become,

to the women we’ve loved
and ones we have not,

to the ones here and not here
who made us us, despite

years of bemoaning our
imagined imperfections,

flaws, failures, which truly
weren’t, and to those who

thought to give us a hearty
“atta girl,” reminded us to keep

going, that we’re just getting
started, no matter our age or

experience, that this is why we’re
here—to live and grow in love,

to share our light on this mortal
plane as we work to heal our own

karma, watching our souls grow
and flourish, to find balance in

serving others and ourselves,
to put a whole lot of heart

into it all, to see every day
as accomplishment, simply

in the breathing, the moving
through, the doing of the most

mundane/important tasks
—it’s what we do

and who we are, we far from
ordinary, truly extraordinary


Ukrainian women / Red Viburnum by Lyubov Panchenko

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2 Responses to International Women’s Day

  1. Janet Johnston says:

    Love it. Soft and strong and just right. Thanks Jan.

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