Daffodils, day two

Last night I stared hard
at the clear vase holding
two dozen pointy green
stalks like paintbrushes
tipped the color of canaries,
willing them to open.

If I ignored them, I thought,
one might shyly loosen
a lemony petal,
let it begin to fall
like a satin camisole strap,
or another might open
enough to reveal a bit
of sunny petticoat.

This morning,
when I turned on
the light, all 24 girls
stood tall, unfurled,
twirling their parasols,
beaming with the brightness
that can only mean spring.

(Photo / Jan Haag)

About janishaag

Writer, writing coach, editor
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3 Responses to Daffodils, day two

  1. Gloria Beverage says:

    Love the imagery. Love thinking of daffodils as girls with parasols. Thank you!

  2. janishaag says:

    Thank you, Gloria! Such fun, these “hosts of golden daffodils”!

  3. Kathleen Goemann says:

    This morning one of mine in the garden popped open and the rest will soon follow. So cheerful amid all the wet weather.

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