Spock Was Jewish

(in honor of Live Long and Prosper Day, Leonard Nimoy’s birthday)

We think Star Trek,
but Jews know that it’s
the gesture for the Hebrew letter
Shin, the first letter of the word Shalom.

And the man who created it,
who parted the fingers of his right hand
for the rest of his life in salutation,
knew that it calls for healthy and prosperity—

live long and prosper.

People don’t realize they’re blessing
each other with this,
said the Jewish man
who gave the world Spock.

But they are. And they do.

May his memory be a blessing.

Leonard Nimoy, March 26, 1931–Feb. 27, 2015

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2 Responses to Spock Was Jewish

  1. Terry Stone says:

    One of the best lines ever spoken by Leonard Nimoy was at the end of the “Star Trek” reboot, in a post-time-travel scene with his younger self, played by Zachary Quinto: “Since my customary farewell would appear oddly self-serving, I shall simply say ‘Good luck.'” At which point both Nimoy and Quinto silently held up the parted-fingers signs of the traditional Vulcan salute. I miss this amazing actor and artist. A blessing, indeed.

  2. janishaag says:

    Ah, yes! Thanks for that lovely anecdote!

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