Chowin’ down

You’ve heard of two-fisted drinkers,
but have you seen someone consuming
both liquid and banana cream
at the same time in a novel way?

Who does that?
Annie does that, helped by Mama—
nutrition easing down the tummy tube
and yummy cream down the hatch.

Because these two, the indomitable
team, can do anything—Annie,
with her pretty nails, snazzy chair,
killer smile and gleeful chortle,

and Mama Nikki, the Can-Do queen,
smart and sassy females I adore,
savoring the sweet stuff of life,
wheeling through the world

together, as friends like me
look on in wonder, cheering
them as they move ever

Annie with her mama Nikki Cardoza… double feeding! (Photos by Aunt Jan)
Annie’s fancy nails / Photo by Dick Schmidt

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2 Responses to Chowin’ down

  1. Gloria Beverage says:

    So sweet. Love the manicure. Ju

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