White flowers

Place moonlight in a bowl.
Sleep beside and
dream of white flowers.

—Sandra Cisneros

Allow that creamy liquid,
truly moonshine, to dream you
into a place you cannot go awake.

Let white flowers cushion you,
ones you can’t always name
but surprise you each spring,

ones that some call weeds,
the exuberance of the season
whispering as you rest:

Call me clover,
Call me yarrow,
Call me wild radish,

not forgetting the tiny
English daisies popping up like
mini sprinklers in the lawn,

along with the perfect puff
of dandelion, the bright faces
of chamomile designed

to lull you into sleep next
to your bowl of moonlight,
blossoming your dreams.


—lines from Sandra Cisneros’s poem “Remedy for Social Overexposure”
from “Woman Without Shame” © 2022, Knopf

Photo / Jan Haag

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