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He lives!

After retrieving my nametag from the tall usher in the foyer, I quietly opened the door and snuck into the Methodist Church called Faith that Dick and his family have considered theirs for decades. The pre-service Easter music wafted up … Continue reading

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Heroes in training

We think that Mark, who drew this card that Dick received this week, has a future as a cartoonist. A packet of 20 handwritten, hand-drawn thank you notes from Oahu arrived at Dick’s, Cora’s and Connie’s houses, each unique card … Continue reading

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Claudio and Camron

When the four of us met in person for the first time just inside the restaurant door last night, we hugged as if we’d known each other forever. Bystanders might have thought we were family—the older, gray-haired couple meeting the … Continue reading

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Good fortunes

(with thanks to Claudio and Salesi) You will be reborn. Literally. In line, about to board a plane, you will die in an airport. You will feel very dizzy and then feel nothing as you pitch forward into oblivion. Your … Continue reading

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On the treadmill

So many of us feel this way, slogging off to work every day, dragging ourselves back home, living for the weekends. “Back on the old treadmill,” some of us say. Well, today, Dick got back on the old treadmill—literally—and in … Continue reading

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Dick’s Great Heart adventure

These are all the posts I’ve made after my partner Dick Schmidt’s cardiac arrest at the airport in Honolulu Jan. 15, 2019. If you like, you can start with the first entry and read through them chronologically. Be still, my … Continue reading

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How I’m truly starting to believe in my own reincarnation, and maybe you are, too

for Dickie Because I said to you today, without hesitation, watching big wave surfers from our lanai high over Hanalei Bay, In my next life, I’m gonna surf, which reminded me that, having completed six decades on the planet, there … Continue reading

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The Maumaus

  Finally we both got to thank two of our newest ohana in person for their generous hearts and for literally bringing Dick back to life in January. Honolulu firefighter Salesi Maumau and his wife Eryn, both native Northern Californians, … Continue reading

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Spring springing

Blossoms everywhere all of a sudden, even as the on-again, off-again rains continue in our neck of the woods. And hearts leap out at us, too, on our daily walks around Woodside as Dick’s keeps on tickin’, stronger than it’s … Continue reading

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Flying saucer

  Did I tell you that I had a poem recently published in an online magazine called riverbabble? You can read it here: Or you can read it here: Flying Saucer That’s what he looked like in the murk … Continue reading

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