To the Chinese mother…

…who gave up a daughter found under
an overpass in Changsha, Hunan province,
May 22, 2009

She will never know the name you gave her
or the date you pushed her into the world,
though deep in her cells she holds a glimmer
of you and her father; in some dream time
she feels you still, perhaps your arms around her.

And you must have wanted someone to find her,
left, as she was, under an overpass where people
bicycled and walked and motorbiked. Someone
must have heard her cry and found her, picked up
her half-moon body, bent from birth,
her heels almost touching the back of her head.

Someone knew where to take her—
to a place of butterflies—
where some children morph into spirit
while others burst from their cocoons and thrive,
and your daughter thrived. She grew,
hands clenched and ankles crossed, and she grinned
her megawatt smile and people fell in love with her,
the little one someone named Long Xin Zi,

Joyful Purple Dragon,

taller now and called Annie by her new mama
who brought her to a far-away land where
the summers are hot but not humid,
winters are cold but not frozen, where she will
go to school and learn a new language and continue
to thrive, to be the best Annie she can be.

And she will achieve things you could not imagine for her,
though she will not know your name or the stories
of your people. Her new mama will make sure she keeps
her Mandarin as well as acquiring English, that she
remembers paper-thin rice noodles and yummy dumplings.

She will retain China in her bones.

And your daughter will close her eyes
and dream you every night, as you dream her—
she is with you always, thankful for every miracle
bestowed, not least her emergence
from the cocoon of you.

—Jan Haag

(#22 in the Annie series)

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14 Responses to To the Chinese mother…

  1. Kathryn Hohlwein says:

    A beautiful gift of a conclusion to an amazing exploration of love, friendship and courage !

  2. Dorothy Haag says:

    Lovely! Mom


  3. Cora says:

    A powerful conclusion to a wonderful series of illuminating stories. I learned a lot while reading them.

  4. Roberta Fleming says:

    Thank you Jan for sharing the great Journey with Nicki and Annie. You have shared with us the beginning of the Grandest Adventure of Nicole and Annie’s new life together. In such away as to transport us to the happenings.
    I hope that you have kept this story all together so at sometime in the future, there would be an opportunity to publish it.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful dear sole, and the magnificent way you helped make this new story possible.

  5. D'Niece Hall says:

    You are an amazing writer, and even more amazing friend to these two butterflies.

  6. Jo Shuman says:

    Great job, Jan! Looking forward to your updates. Nikki has to be a very special person. And you have been such a great support for her. May God bless Nikki, Annie & you in each of your endeavors.

  7. Kate Asche says:

    Ah! This one made me cry here at the day job cube. What a journey–and it’s only just the end of the beginning, or maybe another of the many beginnings, for Annie and for Nikki!

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