A visit from two angels

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Day 3 after Dick’s surgery:

• This morning Dick was moved from the ICU back to the third floor (where we spent nine days before his surgery), across the hall from his former room. Now we’re in a two-bed (i.e., much bigger) room with one hospital bed and the same pull-out chair/bed I used before. We could dance in here! (Or do yoga… gotta find me a mat!)

•e-img_6024-rds walk

• Dick had all his tubes removed—chest drains Saturday, neck tube today, bandage around the left leg from the vein donation site… pau, as they say here (finished/done). All he has now is the big bandage going down his chest. And he’s in very little pain. He gets a bit uncomfortable in the back, which we understand is to be expected, but he’s only taking a couple of Percocet morning and evening. He’s doing well at walking the third floor west wing, too.

But the best thing of the day (and yes, journalist friends, I’ve buried the lead, saving the best for last):

• One of the young men who came to our aid at the airport came to see us today. Camron Calloway (who is the partner of Claudio Alvarado, the UCDMC nurse who administered chest compressions) is in the Air Force and flew into Honolulu today from California. He contacted me and asked if he could visit Dick. “Of course!” I said.

•e-img_6035-camron dick

Camron and Dick

While Camron was here, we learned that he and Claudio were right behind us in line… but that they should have already been on the plane. Camron, who likes to board early, was a bit annoyed that Claudio wanted to do a couple of things before they got on the plane. But if they had gotten on the plane, they wouldn’t have been there when Dick collapsed—Claudio to do the CPR, Camron to stand with me and hug me.

During our visit today, Camron contacted Claudio via FaceTime so we could all chat and express our thanks to both of them again. We plan to take them to dinner when Dick gets home and is feeling better. We were so touched by Camron’s visit (we got verklempt more than once) and amazed at one of the many miracles that put them in our vicinity at just the right time.

Aloha and mahalo nui loa, Claudio and Camron!

•e-img_6037-camron claudio

Claudio and Camron pay Dick a visit.

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10 Responses to A visit from two angels

  1. Dorothy M Haag says:

    And another miracle of timing revealed!! Mom

  2. Rita says:

    God bless you all!

  3. buzzardnotes says:

    Yup, a miracle really did happen and Dick really won the Lotto! You’ve been blessed!

  4. Donna Just says:

    Amazing and wonderful that he/they was/were able to reconnect with you!

  5. Hilary A says:

    Bonded forever! We all love them, too! WOWEEeeeeeeeeEEEEE!

  6. Constance E Raub says:

    How can one EVER thank people enough for saving a life? I guess just continue to live the gracious, giving and “gratitudious” life you have always led! Big C =Cora and Little c = Connie would love to thank the two hero Cs = Claudio and Camron! Maybe it will happen some day!

  7. Smydans says:

    I love this story!!

  8. Patricia Honeycutt says:

    Dear Jan – thank you for detailing Dick’s journey with us all. By your descriptions at times, I feel I’m almost there seeing it all for myself. We are so thankful to the You, the Angels at the Airport and at the Hospital for taking such great care of Dick. Look forward to seeing you both back on the mainland. Take care Jan and much LOVE to you BOTH!! 💞

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