The gift of time

rds & dr. dang

Dick, cardio-thoracic patient, and Dr. Nicholas Dang, cardio-thoracic surgeon

Two days after CABG, aka bypass: The news just keeps getting better.

Dick’s thoracic surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Dang, stopped by yesterday and today to show us photos that he took during the surgery. Dick had asked Dr. Dang to take photos, so the man ungloved himself, asked for his iPhone, and shot both stills and videos of Dick’s heart before and after the repair. Dr. Dang came by the ICU on his day off to airdrop them to my iPhone, and Dick and I have been watching the videos off and on all day—amazed at how much stronger his heart is now. Dr. Dang called it “snappy,” and it is. What a miracle to see photos and video of your own beating heart!

rds walking with kevin

Dick and Kevin

Starting the day after surgery, Dick has been walking the ICU a few times a day, today with RN Kevin. He had Jamie as his night nurse, who tended to Dick on the third floor for days before his surgery. She’s one of our favorites.

And we were delighted to see RN Erin Shulze in the ICU (another one of our favorites). She was Dick’s nurse the first day… hours after he was brought back to life after his cardiac arrest. She was then and today funny and kind and calm, extremely good at her job. Today Dick was moved to a new room in the ICU that did not have a clock. Erin was assigned as Dick’s nurse and not only found him a clock but also installed it on a wall in his room so he can see it because he likes to know the time.

Erin, like so many incredible people at Kaiser Moanalua, literally gave him time. There is no better gift.

rds erin clock

Dick and Erin

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6 Responses to The gift of time

  1. Joayne Shuman says:

    Thanks, Jan. Again, amazing! I’m sending it on. Happy Sunday to you both! ❤️ Jo & Skip

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Constance E Raub says:

    As my, clown father would say, “T-t-timing” is EVERYTHING! Good job Richard, Janis and Team Kaiser! Love, ~Constance

  3. Kathryn Hohlwein says:

    Oh, Jan, this is so reasuring!!

  4. Louise says:

    Dick’s saying “now that’s a clock”….

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