Heart of my heart

rds heart pillow

Dick Schmidt, 32 hours after his triple bypass, Honolulu

Apparently when someone undergoes heart surgery, the tradition is to bestow a heart pillow on that someone. But Dick was told after his surgery in the cardiac ICU that they’d run out of heart pillows here at Kaiser Moanalua. He was a little disappointed; I was very disappointed.

So on a run to Target today for other things, I walked by a display of huge heart pillows. Some gleamed in bold gold with sequins. Only a couple were made of off-white faux wool. I grabbed one of those immediately and held it to my chest. Soft but sturdy, it went into the shopping cart and into the cardiac ICU for the heart of my heart.

Yes, it’s that big and substantial enough to press to his sore, healing chest when the coughs come. Because this man, whose great heart is loved by so many, deserves his own special heart pillow.💜❤️💙

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5 Responses to Heart of my heart

  1. buzzardnotes says:

    A great big heart for a man with great love to give (and to receive). Hugs!

  2. Carol Burnett says:

    That’s so cool Jan. My best to you and Dick. Hope you’re home to Sacramento soon now.

  3. Rita says:

    Jan you rock!! Your heart is that big as well!!

  4. Jackie says:

    IIt fits him perfectly!

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