Cocoon man

Photos by Cora Johnson

The recovery continues at the lovely little house called Aloha Moon in Pearl City, above the historic harbor of the same name.

Dick is alternately being pampered and exercised by Cora Johnson and Connie Raub, two of the best women on the planet—who cocoon him for warmth and rub his feet and also accompany him on daily neighborhood walks. They also took him on his first outing since coming to the house Jan. 30, driving him to an exotic retail experience unique to Honolulu called Don Quijote, where he posed with his formerly favorite drink.

He returns home in a week, Feb. 15, a month to the day of his cardiac arrest, where he’ll be sent off in a celebration of life in Honolulu and warmly received (even if it is a Sacramento winter outside).

RDS at store with Pepsi

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5 Responses to Pampered

  1. Donna Just says:

    Keep on keeping on!!!

  2. Hilary A says:

    I see a calendar of Dick Schmidt photos and dates of rebirth!

  3. Dick Tracy says:

    Oh! They turned Dick into a BURRITO!! Dick

  4. norma and sT says:

    Lookin” good there cuz. Will they let you eat a 2×2 piece of cake for your birthday Wed?

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