Hauoli la hanau

RDS TSR 2016

Dick Schmidt, birthday celebration February 2016, The Sea Ranch, with his traditional Hostess cupcake.

I have to share this today, on his 76th birthday, though he asked me not to out him on his day… because so many friends and loved ones have been following his journey, and he’s overwhelmed by all the love. But not quite a month ago this man died in front of me and was brought back to life by a series of miracles administered by angels passing as strangers.

And though I am beyond grateful for Dick Schmidt every day, on this day, my own imperfect heart bursts with adoration for this kind, kind man, whose great heart has been repaired by talented and loving hands, to give him more time to share his generous self with so many who admire and love him.

Hauoli la hanau, Dickie. Happy birthday to you!

RDS matt rivers red jeep manele bay 1-7-15

Dickie Dean (master tour guide) at Manele Bay (actually named Hulopoe) beach, the island of Lana’i, Hawaii, with his favorite red Jeep. (January 2015)

RDS Maui 1-5-16

Doin’ what he does best, shooting photos in Hawaii. (January 2016)

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5 Responses to Hauoli la hanau

  1. Hilary A says:

    That does it! Today is also the birthday of a 40-year-old unusual man who lives with his beloved upstairs in the apartment where Tom and I thought we’d die years from now. Brian has Dick’s big heart and a gestalt much older than his numbers. (Maybe Dick now has a heart that is about 40 years old!) Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Tom’s leaving us. So I will always consider Dick’s renewal of life a reminder of Tom’s being called elsewhere. Big hug and chicken soup will be ready for the Birthday Man when he is ready! LOVE TO DICKIE ON THIS AMAZING YEAR TO COME!
    Happy Love Day tomorrow, our man!

  2. Dorothy M Haag says:

    “A very merry Unbirthday to you, to you”, Dick!

  3. Jackie Dow says:

    Dick deserves this Hostess cupcake – Happy Happy Birthday!

  4. Kathleen Adele Goemann says:


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